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The results are based on case studies of twelve European metropolitan regions, Advances in Spatial Science European Housing Markets — An Overview.
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Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. European metropolitan housing markets advances in spatial science 1. Andersson Publisher : Palgrave Macmillan This book provides a comprehensive analysis of housing theory and policy with a focus on metropolitan regions.

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The results are based on case studies of twelve European metropolitan regions, including expert panels organized in each. Using an approach from the field of industrial economics, the analysis is divided into the three related stages 'structure', 'conduct' and 'performance. The effects of this behavior can be observed in the development of prices You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Each author will be given time to briefly summarise the key points of their written paper before an assigned discussant provides commentary on the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the study, as well as its potential implications for policy and practice.

The floor will then be opened for general discussion of the paper and its connections to other work presented to the WG. The aim of this approach is to secure more comprehensive feedback for contributors. Nada, Kobe , Japan. The central theme of this working group is Housing and living conditions of ageing populations. From our point of view, this has become the main role of the network.

The coordinators and the participants in the group are working in constellations and minor networks with different initiatives and projects, within the theme of the working group. These initiatives cannot be regarded as mainly ENHR activities. The ENHR has got an overriding meeting and knowledge dissemination based role, which is an important role indeed. The working group is a regular participant in the ENHR conference. The workshop had about 20 abstracts submitted and the workshop proved an excellent opportunity to present current research and development work.

In addition it provided a good forum for discussion. The rather consistently high number of abstracts is interpreted as the result of an on-going interest in ageing issues around the world where housing and living conditions are high on the policy agenda.

During the workshop sessions future plans of the working group were discussed. Interested participants are encouraged to submit abstracts and papers directly on the conference website and are welcome to contact any of the coordinators for further information about the participation in the conference as well as the working group.

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A comparing of Japanese and Dutch sheltered housing. Dept of Social and Welfare Studies. This workshop aims to focus on papers dealing with holistic approaches to sustainability, that is considering social, environmental and economic as well as cultural implications. In particular we ask for contributions looking into relationships between architecture, urban form and social issues.

The activity of Housing economics group has, as is usual, been centered on workshops. This year we had a seminar in Aberysthwyth Wales. This was locally organized by the long running member Maria Plotnikova. The number of participants was with 13 a bit lower than what it normally is.

In addition to the Aberysthwyth seminar we ran 5 sessions in the Housing Economics group at the Belfast conference. Both in Aberysthwyth and in Belfast we had a nice mixture of repeat visitors and new participants at the working groups. We pride ourselves of a nice, critical and constructive atmosphere. We welcome contributions on whatever currently is the interest of those who feel at home under the heading Housing Economics. We want to provide an arena for discussion also of the technical aspects of modelling and econometric aspects of the work of housing economists.

The Central Theme of the Working Group is to initiate and stimulate research in housing finance: mortgage systems, mortgage loan types, debt, developer finance, risk management; regulation and government involvement, and;. To support the dissemination of knowledge about housing finance, mortgage systems, policy change and market development. The Central Theme of the Working Group is to initiate and stimulate research in housing finance: mortgage systems, mortgage loan types, debt, developer finance, risk management; regulation and government involvement;.

Catalunya, 35 - - Tarragona.

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Quercia reg. Faculty of Law. Carrer de la Vall Moronta. Real Estate Risk Analyst. University of Sterling, Dept. Half the world's population lives in urban areas. Future population growth more than 80 per cent of it in urban areas will be concentrated in developing countries. Yet the growth of urbanisation in the developing world is not matched by a commensurate growth in the supply of decent housing, or by the reduction of inequality.

The shortcomings of policy, lack of political will, limitations of housing finance, poor land management in urban areas, lack of security of tenure, and lack of infrastructure and services are just some of the issues that confront citizens and policy-makers in developing countries, and are strong themes for research, analysis and action. In , the Habitat III conference in Quito, Ecuador focused on Rethinking the Urban Agenda, provide an impetus for securing renewed political commitment to sustainable urban development and the place of housing within it.

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Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32, Milano, Italy. Giacomo Gola N - Politecnico di milano. The general aims of the group are to promote dialogue and European research on the importance of law, rights and regulation to all aspects of housing, land and planning. These objectives continue to be very broad to accommodate national differences. Besides their political, social, and economic implications, housing, land and planning are profoundly influenced by varying national legal environments. International exchange in this area has always been handicapped by quite different national approaches and traditional groupings of legal and socio-legal expertise, despite drives towards European harmonization have not explicitly dealt with land law, but affect this strongly.

This group aims to promote exchange and debate between people in the same area as well as promoting understanding of the multiple types of relevant law.

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Legal, economic, sociological and philosophical theories are welcome, as well as sociological empirical work on the implementation of law, to improve understanding and expertise across borders. The Housing Law Workshop focuses on research on the importance of law, rights and regulation to all aspects of housing, land and planning. It is hoped that the workshop will be a friendly and welcoming forum for the exchange of ideas and constructive criticism of works in progress as well as an opportunity to present more developed projects.

A wide variety of approaches will be acceptable including theoretical, doctrinal and empirical and work can be focused on a particular jurisdiction, comparatively or internationally. Diederik Vermeir N - University of Antwerp.

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Catalunya, 35, Tarragona Spain. KorthalsAltes tudelft. The working group addresses how policy and planning systems and local government institutions influence the supply of land for various categories of housing. Policies for development gain, cost recovery policies, negotiations, and the role of law and institutions might serve as key words. Resulting from the interplay between market forces and national policies for housing, spatial planning and land use, the way land for housing is being provided varies largely across countries.

We welcome contributions assessing the workings of land markets in relation to housing, as well as the nature of, and the effect of regulations and interventions.