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No luck. “There was only one complex that allowed our combination of pets, and it was ridiculously expensive. I felt panicked,” says Pinkerton.
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If you are foolish enough to formerly accept a pet in writing, the outdoor cat they said they were going to have could become the three boxers already on order… or join the cat to make a foursome! Smelly, if nothing else. Be cynical, be safe! I really mean realistic and cautious but use the adjective that suits you! I have not had a chance to look into that yet, in regard to whether additional deposit such as for animals is part of the equation….

I would also suggest you require that a professional clean fee is taken IN ADVANCE and for which you promise to give copy of an invoice receipt on departure, on request. Thus proving it will ultimately be a not-for-profit reasonable, quantifiable expense. How dare I?!

This is because, essentially, it reduces the risk of ill-feeling at the end of Tenancy when you are requiring payment for something once as they are on the way out. They want your place. For both parties. Again, am not sure as I write whether this is ok under current shifting sands deposit legislation and nor whether, for that matter, OpenRent would object under its own agreed terms between landlord and themselves.

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I rarely accept dogs or house cats. Actually the larger the deposit, the evidently greater risk for greater loss.

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And argument. If you are up for all the potential hassle, visit them at their current property to assess their current standards? And for those that object to paying either a pet damage deposit or the up-front, professional clean fee chargeable at cost only, as I have already intimated…? England used to be a lot different it used to be a pet loving country but the country I was born in is not anymore something cruel and dead runs it now and greed and cold hearted people like you I hope one day you are in our situation Karma.

SOME animals make a place smell. Shall we leave this for the next tenant? I do not believe you cannot find anywhere to live in this country. Are you prepared to carry out all necessary maintenance work within the property yourself, as I am allergic to cats and would not be able to enter the property to conduct such maintenance?

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Are you prepared to guarantee that any disturbance to adjacent neighbours will be addressed by you, and you will compensate the landlord for loss of rent if they move out as a result of such disturbance? If not buy your own home and live with your own mess, maintenance and irate neighbours. Take responsibility for your own circumstances, we landlords are not a charity. No Pets Clause - unenforceable?

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  • Landlord Discussion. Hello landlords, I have had some bad experience renting to pet owners and I now want to add a clause to stop tenants getting pets. Many thanks, Simon. LegalNerd May 1, , pm 2. LegalNerd May 1, , pm 3.

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    I would also like to know this. I assume it is something your agent would know however? MichaelA May 4, , pm 5. Thank-you Michael that sounds very sensible. Juliet July 10, , pm 7.

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    Carl July 18, , pm 8. Sally August 8, , am 9. A: According to the Apartment Assn. Thus, the lease prevails. The amount of diligence required varies from case to case, but it at least entails a duty to make inquiries about leases from occupants, neighbors, realtors or anyone else he believes may have knowledge of the facts. Under what circumstances can a landlord enter my apartment? Does he have to notify me if he wants to enter? Is that against the law?

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    • He could give you a notice on Sunday that says the electrician will be entering the apartment between the hours of 8 a. If it were Monday, the notice for entry on Tuesday would only be proper if served at or before 8 a. The range of hours, 8 a. Any money damages you may get in a lawsuit for such an intrusion would depend on the severity of the inconvenience and would be determined by a judge or jury. About Us. Brand Publishing. Times News Platforms.

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