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Train BJJ More! – When you exercise regularly, you pump more blood to your brain which can increase the growth of new brain cells.
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It is a martial art.

2. What can I do?

There is always the chance of injury. Now, schools do everything they can to keep training safe. Your training partners do too.

Science confirms it: BJJ is good for the brain | Graciemag

I've seen only two injuries in the last year, one of which was self-inflicted the guy did a roll very poorly. I doubt that you'd be facing concussions. Now, chokes are another matter. They happen and you have to deal with that issue.

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  • Science confirms it: BJJ is good for the brain.
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  • Science confirms it: BJJ is good for the brain.
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It's very easy to deal with though Meeting hot chicks is a terrible motivation to train. Find a local gym somewhere if that's what you're looking for. Girls that train go there to train Just saying. Good job on the recovery.

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I know a little something about that sort of thing myself. Joined: Dec 3, Messages: Likes Received: 2. Matt bunnies don't talk to white belts.

Joined: Apr 13, Messages: Likes Received: 0. Joined: Jan 7, Messages: 4, Likes Received: 2. Looking for hot girls is the worst reason to start grappling. Of the relatively OK hobbies, the non-sparring Muay Thai classes have good looking girls. Maybe try Crossfit? Art Vandelay , Apr 16, If you've been cleared on neuroimaging, and a neuropsychologist thinks you perform in the normal range, you should be alright. It would be nice if the neuropsyc had your own baseline performances to compare against, but they likely don't.

Find a doc you trust and see what they say. If you want to train recreationally, you should be fine.

Just choose your rolling partners carefully, and you're unlikely to ever encounter more than an elbow to the head, or maybe a little knee. In friendly recreational rolling with guys who aren't spazzes, I think the risk of head trauma would be pretty low. Joined: Nov 13, Messages: Likes Received: 2. Well you could get a concussion, just like you could in judo. I never got any justice from the driver who hit me and they never contacted my family.

I developed post traumatic stress disorder which I found out by going to emergency rooms because I thought I was having heart attack but it was panic attacks. Months after my accident I went to my academy and told them what happened to me because they thought I just quit and stopped like some people do in BJJ.

But not me, I live BJJ. Learning a sweep, etc. It makes me so happy to train because my anxiety goes away. I ask my mom and she gives me some money so I can use Lyft to train. I take 2 buses and Lyft to get to class.

Body, Mind, and Spirit: Personal Growth Trough Brazilian Jiu-JItsu

Most people who have PTSD and a brain injury have doctors and medications that help them. My medicine is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I wonder what I will learn at class or what I need to drill to get better. My emotions are too much sometimes since my TBI. Without it what would I be doing? Me getting hit by that car and surviving was a miracle because car vs a pedestrian on a bike ends up bad. Monica Perez.

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1. Why worry about brain health?

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