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In other words, when and where in the life cycle of an organism does the random variation occur that is fundamental to the theory of evolution? More importantly, what does that random variation need to accomplish in order to begin or continue the redesign process that will eventually change one body plan into another? And to think that each step in that redesign process must offer a selective advantage over the previous step.

A living organism is a hierarchy of cells, tissues and organs that are arranged in specific ways with respect to each other to make a functioning animal.

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A plan must be in place somewhere in the organism that controls how that organism is built. I would think that an evolutionary sequence has to be a top down process much like any good engineering project. I have imagined a project engineer being assigned the task of changing a truck into a submarine. A silly example?

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Perhaps, but I see the task of changing a land mammal into a whale no less complex. Wow, this is the third serendipitous little miracle that has happened today. Look what ENV has for a podcast today:. The theory of macroevolution tells us that current evolutionary theory cannot long survive environmental challenges such as facts and logic, and that a more fit theory, such as ID, will necessarily take its place.

There is this huge gaping hole in evolutionary theory, to that I agree. The theory of macroevolution suggests that the fitness landscape is so jam-packed with functional configurations, that any random walk through protein sequence space will necessarily arrive at numerous complex functions that are advantageous to an organism for any given environmental niche. If macro-evolution were a fact, would we have these arguments today? Truly I do not. I am not.

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I do not know how to use science to prove intelligent design although some others might. I am sympathetic to the arguments on the matter and I find some of them intriguing, but the scientific proof is not there, in my opinion…. This is very noteworthy. Notice that Pascal does not say that there are no good proofs of God or that none of them begin with data from nature. Elsewhere, he specifies merely that such proofs are psychologically weak, but he does not say they are logically weak. More important, they are salvifically weak, [meaning that] they will not save us.

If nature proved God clearly, we would not have to search for him with all our hearts. ID has nothing to do with proving God or salvation knowledge scientifically. ID has to do with design detection in nature, period. A man such as Tour ought to know better. I would suggest he lay aside Pascal and C. Lewis for a few months, and take a serious look at Dembski, Behe and Johnson. Wow, your blogpost is a particularly silly comment on a particularly silly article. Gee Nick, do we get more than one post? Is there a time limit?

Is there extra credit for the observation that that is the silliest comment that I have ever read on UD, bar none? Evolution, the overarching concept that unifies the biological sciences, in fact embraces a plurality of theories and hypotheses. If you would be so kind to help focus our attention on the relevant material on that page, perhaps beginning with the Theory of Macroevolution. An example of macroevolution is the appearance of feathers during the evolution of birds from theropod dinosaurs.

Abrupt transformations from one biologic system to another , for example the passing of life from water into land or the transition from invertebrates to vertebrates, are rare. Few major biological types have emerged during the evolutionary history of life and most of them survive till today. When lifeforms take such giant leaps , they meet little to no competition and are able to exploit a plethora of available niches, following a pattern of adaptive radiation. This podcast reveals the bankruptcy of the actual evidence behind these FAQs and reveals that they are nothing more than literature bluffs;.

Here is a video that recently came out which refutes the lizard cecal valve as proof of macroevolution:. Here is a recent podcast dealing with the Darwinian claim Dawkins that Dogs are proof of macroevolution:. Casey and Dr.

Thank you for your post. I would think that he knows more than a few eminent biologists. In evolutionary theory, macroevolution involves common ancestry, descent with modification, speciation, the genealogical relatedness of all life, transformation of species, and large scale functional and structural changes of populations through time, all at or above the species level Freeman and Herron ; Futuyma ; Ridley It allows me to explain why I accept common descent but not macroevolution. Even Theobald admits that evidence for common descent is independent of mechanism.

My quarrel with Darwinism concerns the processes whereby new taxa arise.

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Macroevolution is evolution on a scale of separated gene pools. Macroevolutionary studies focus on change that occurs at or above the level of species, in contrast with microevolution, which refers to smaller evolutionary changes typically described as changes in allele frequencies within a species or population. Contrary to claims by creationists, macro and microevolution describe fundamentally identical processes on different time scales. The last sentence encapsulates, I think, one of the key stumbling blocks for Darwin skeptics like myself.

Oddly enough, not all scientists agree with the proposal that examples of microevolution offer support for macroevolution. I assume the quotes are legit. See also this paper by D. Erwin: here. Are you seriously telling me that you believe the origin of animal phyla can be explained by a process of microevolution occurring over millions of years?

Just curious. Regarding macroevolution, Theobald makes some absolutely ridiculous statements about evolutionary change :. A more recent paper evaluating the evolutionary rate in guppies in the wild found rates ranging from to 45, darwins Reznick This rate converts to a minuscule 0. For comparison, the fastest rate observed in the fossil record in the Gingerich study was 37 darwins over one thousand years, and this corresponds to, at most, a 0.

Mice to elephants in just 10, years? This is ridiculous, Nick! Regarding human evolution, Theobald assumes that all our brains did was grow bigger. In fact, there have been at least four qualitative changes in the human brain over the past 3. You can read more about these changes and accompanying scientific articles here.

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These are non-trivial changes. To blithely assert that the passage of time can account for all these changes without doing the supporting calculations is a form of intellectual laziness. He shows no evidence of that, either directly or in terms of showing a sign of having a clue about the field of evolutionary biology. The science world is a huge place, one can be very prominent and yet not know many people outside your field, especially if you have a habit of going around crapping on other fields without knowing what you are talking about.

Or that the ecology of a single field experiment can be scaled up to explain the macroecology of the Amazonian rainforest. Or pretty much any field that deals with phenomena over several orders of magnitude of scale in time or space. In economics, we had the housing bubble burst, with a macro factor crashing down to effect the microeconomics of many homeowners. In macroevolution, we have e. It is about small jumps in morphology between closely-related sister species.

And for any of the above, a debate can be had about to what extent an extrapolationist model works as an explanation.

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Heck, even Young-Earth Creationists accept quite a bit of the macroevolution in terms of the topics I listed above. Are you even trying to understand what he is saying? We have 1 observed rates of change in some populations right now, and 2 rates of change in fossil record. His point is that, in almost every case, 2 is much, much smaller than 1.

The puzzle, if anything, is why the observed change in the fossil — even the things you cite — is so incredibly SLOW.

Why do evolutionist always chuck in the bit that other theists or Christians also accept macro-evolution? Is this to convince us or is it to convince you Nick? Check the literature and there is no new novel functions, no new body plans but loss of information that creates the barrier.

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The science backs my statement. Look, Nick. I accept theistic evolution and have since I studied all this in high school. I even accept the general idea of macroevolution. But I have to say — guys like you? You do harm to science. Please, Nick.